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Our products are used by hospitals, clinics, offices, etc. since years

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We mainly serve the manufactures Industries (Mechanical, automotive, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and others), but our services and products are approached by all type of clients worldwide since 1986

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XNovateck is the official application developer of MPCD based product line

MPCD (Molecular Potential Chain Disintegrator) is a bioproduct, with only 1 % of natural active principle in water, mainly used to clean hydrocarbons (pipelines, tanks, mechanical devices and more), odor abatement, toxic gas abatement, air/water/land purification, and reclamation. Continue.....

HCP (hydrothermal cavitation pump) produces thermal energy trough an innovative cavitation turbine without corrosion, very low maintenance, high efficiency. The products are supplied also on a skid to be installed inside client machinery. Power available from 6 KW and multiples. Continue .....

SP-PIF (Solar Panel Power Increaser Film) is a system whose prerogative is the quality of the environment. In fact, by increasing 30% of the production of renewable energy, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are reduced accordingly. Continue ....

LED-Ei (Light Emitting Diode Electron Injection) The LED is fed through an electron injection system that injects electrons right in the semiconductor junction of the LED, in a very controlled manner, through a microprocessor. The mathematics that controls such injection is based on a theory fully developed in our laboratories. Continue ....

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Our people are experienced, tech-savvy, practical and creative. We don't just work out what you need, we also make it happen.

We are in contact with external research centers and leading production companies too

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