HCP (hydrothermal cavitation pump) produces thermal energy trough an innovative cavitation turbine without corrosion, very low maintenance, high efficiency. The products are supplied also on a skid to be installed inside client machinery. 

Power available from 6 KW and multiples

<-   In the picture beside, is shown only the hearth of the system

The HCP is a closed-circuit system with an internal water loop and supplied with an external circuit exchanger.

How It Work:

The patented system bases its foundations on two principles of physics that are not yet fully studied and not well known: cavitation and sonoluminescence.

Cavitation and sonoluminescence are extraordinary events.

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon that consists in the formation of micro and nanobubbles of vapor inside a liquid, the bubbles have dimensions from one millionth to one billionth of a meter, these for effects (still not well known) implode rapidly generating a flash (sonoluminescence) and consequently heat;

Turbulences in which matter and energy behave outside the traditional patterns of physics. Everything originates from the ultrarapid implosion (nano or microseconds) and/or collapse of steam bubbles.

The implosion generates light, sound and thermal energy that allows reaching remarkable temperatures by releasing very high energy waves.

Inside these micro and nanobubbles of vapor, with temperatures around 5500 °C and 2000 bars. The mix between high temperatures and pressure generates the "physics of vortices" where energy and matter behave in an unpredictable way.

What happens inside these bubbles happens so quickly that it is extremely difficult to measure and to date is still not completely clear.

What is certain is that considerable amounts of thermal energy are generated from cavitation and sonoluminescence. That is why we have decided to use these extraordinary physical principles in everyday applications.

Extraordinary opportunities will soon lead to a new technological and industrial revolution, especially in the field of clean energy production; all at incredibly low costs.

Possible applications are listed below:

- Heating systems for homes, small hotels, shops, small offices

- Heating system for exchangers

- Heating systems for machinery

- Heating/cooling systems for any application

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