LED-Ei ...... (LED 2.0)

LED-Ei (Light Emitting Diode Electron Injection) It can be considered a LED 2.0. The LED is fed through an electron injection system that injects electrons right in the semiconductor junction of the LED, in a very controlled manner, through a microprocessor. The mathematics that controls such injection is based on a theory fully developed in our laboratories. 

How it works:

This technology is based on the interaction in real-time algorithms based on Explicit Model Predictive Control, as well as on dynamic models of physics related to solid-state devices. The interaction of the two algorithms makes it possible for the LED to produce a constant luminosity, durable in time, always keeping the LED semiconductor in optimal working conditions.

Materials - Weather resistance

Our products are manufactured with materials designed to be resistant to harsh weather conditions. The most dangerous are the UV rays from the sunlight, that, on the long run, can break the molecular links of the plastic materials, that, consequently, shall lose their transparency and brightness thus gaining the classic anti esthetic yellowing of the surface. UV protected is being used in all our products to manufacture their plastic supports, it is the only plastic material that has elasticity and an exceptional transparency that are guaranteed to last even after a long period of years of exposure to the sunrays.

The Stainless steel used in our products is obtained from a full block, cool wrought and is then electro-shined by a treatment that makes it resistant to chlorine from the swimming pools as well as sea salt.

The very high efficiency of our products is linked to the fact that the same lense acts as a protection element.

The superior quality of the Japanese resin used in our products has a light transmission coefficient superior to that of glass, what's more, it remains constant with time, contrarily to other traditional plastic materials.

The Technology

Robust aluminum case

Easy installation

Some models

We are available to customize external shape as per your needing

Street light

uniform light - square beam


Perfect light with less power and less lamps

Garden and Parks

New shapes


Offices, lobby, shops, and more


Museums, Churchs, historical buildings and more

Sport and events

Stadiums, Horse race, Swimming pools and more

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