XNovateck is the official application developer of MPCD based product line

The MPCD is an active principle for further formulations, giving the possibility to have a wide product line for several types of applications. Mainly used as a degreaser for hydrocarbons, natural or vegetal oils and greases, mineral oils but not only. Check the application descriptions and see the different possibilities already tested. Many others are possible, and our lab is continuously improving .... better results, new components, new markets. 

MPCD (molecular potential chain disintegrator) is a bioproduct, with only 1 % of natural active principle in water, mainly used to clean hydrocarbons (pipelines, tanks, mechanical devices and more), odor abatement, toxic gas abatement, air/water/land purification, and reclamation.

MPCD is not toxic, non-irritating, dermatologically tested, respects nature (the 1 % of active principle is certified 99% biodegradable and applications require to dilute it in water). Although the product is used in SUBSTITUTION of acids, solvents, soda or acetone. It is not explosive or flammable and it is used to prevent fire or additive to help to extinguish fire made from hydrocarbon. 

How it works: 

The active ingredients MPCD (a mixture of non-ionic plant extract surfactants) have the ability to dissolve hydrocarbon micelles that are stabilized by the action of metasilicates and carbonates, which are present in the formula.

Then, the active ingredients are activated as catalysts, allowing the breakage of the long hydrocarbon chains into hydrocarbon molecules with fewer carbon atoms (molecular degradation ...) and this action makes these molecules immediately bioavailable for microbiological degradation.

The final result is: elimination of pollutants !


The following are the main applications:

INDUSTRIAL CLEANINGS: cleaning and decontamination of tanks, pipelines, reactors, heat exchangers, and plants in general. MPCD cleaning action enables the achievement of the gas-free situation, normally with a single wash of the inside walls. The wastewater, thanks to the action of disruptive MPCD, can be considered as NOT dangerous waste.

WATER TREATMENT: it concerns treatments of hydrocarbons present in the water (oil spills into sea, rivers, water bodies in general) as well as groundwaters treatment.

ENVIRONMENTAL REMEDIATION: on-site treatment of soil contaminated by hydrocarbons in general (oils, diesel, PAH, chlorinated solvents, etc.) by the molecular breakdown and aerobic digestion by indigenous bacterial flora or (if necessary and required) by inoculated ones.

MISCELLANEOUS TREATMENTS: the MPCD was applied with excellent results in the following fields:

• abatement of relevant emission compounds;

• reduction of hydrogen sulfide in emissions;

• odors reduction;

• fire prevention (tested by the fire brigades)

• felling of organo-chlorinated, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons;

• additive to secure wash protected and archaeological sites from pollution;

other tested applications are available.

Check here the applications

Certifications and analysis


We have a very long list of certificates and analyses, made from the major bodies and clients worldwide and we will disclose upon request after NDA is signed.

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