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Soil and water reclamation services are in partnership with AIKU (in-situ reclamation protocols owner). Our CEO is a member of the AIKU Technical Committee and AIKU chief technology officer (CTO)

Consultancy & Sales

We know that a consulting firm is only as good as its people - so we recruit with that in mind.

As a client, you'll have ready access to our experts, and we'll pick a team with the insight and experience that's right for your industry and the challenges you face. On every assignment, we work shoulder to shoulder with your people and transfer our skills. So your organization will continue to get stronger, even when our work is done. Our sales network is continuously increasing and is working worldwide to help you with sales.

These are some of our fields:

- Sanitizing products, devices, services

- Innovative food products and tech.

- Odor abatement

- Water/air treatment plants

- Water purification

- Soil reclamation

- Energy-saving and production

- Mining efficiency


Our connected technology labs are uniques, so that, we have the resources to be creative, whatever the challenge from inventing the cutting edge technology to the simple basics ideas, helping alleviate poverty and boost the economies of developing countries.

What inside labs:

- Hydrocarbon decontamination 

- Hydrocarbons, H2S, NH3, and other components abatement

- Air filtration and decontamination

- Non-contact Electronic Mill, grind, dry and dehydrate almost any materials

- Innovative food processing

- Waste to energy plants at zero emissions

- Solar panel power increaser film

- High performances solar panels with no loss in extreme heat applications

- LED technology, high efficiency


To succeed, organizations need to put innovation at the heart of their strategy, and drive continuous improvement in everything they do

We give our clients the tools they need to get more from that innovation - whether they're developing a ground-breaking product, service or strategy, investing in technology, or moving to a brand new business model

Example 1: Mining Industry

The use of our electronic mill with less maintenance, less cost, transportable, easy to use will emphasize your gains.

Example 2: Soil and water reclamation

Soil remediation without remove and transport polluted material can be done in less than half of the time at a lower cost. Oil spills in water can be solved in a few minutes. Tank oil spills below the tank can be easily solved without removing it and stop services. 

Application developer

We help you to develop applications for your new product, studying and testing in the lab and in the field the efficiency and the marketing impact at the same time. 

Other services

Upon request, we are available to serve you with other interesting services like invention ad hoc, feasibility study, and through our partner companies we can supply all items connected with our services

Funds research

If you have a good innovation and you are looking for an industrial partner, we can submit your invention to some of them, continuously in contact with us.

Or we may help you in a specific or global sales area, creating an interaction with existing sales networks.

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