SP-PIF (Solar Panel Power Increaser Film) is a system whose prerogative is the quality of the environment. In fact, by increasing 30% of the production of renewable energy, CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are reduced accordingly.

  • Easy to install, with osmotic or soapy water.
  • Easy to clean, it is extremely durable and protects your investment from harsh environments.
  • Pre-cut sheets of the exact size of the solar panels can be supplied directly.

How It Work:

The film is a film based on adaptive holographic diffraction.

Using the concept of holographic diffraction, we can easily see that light rays can be deflected by a certain angle with respect to the angle of incidence.

In addition, the light will be subdivided into all the different frequencies of light allowing the most effective to pass and stop the others.

Applied to the surface of the solar panel, it substantially corrects the incidence of sunlight by optimizing the angle of impact of photons on sensitive cells, leading to a dramatic increase in performance and protecting it from dirt or damage.

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